Managing project value as a competitive advantage

Managing project value is a massively ignored competitive advantage, according to Nathan Kunkel.

When you frame project deliverables in technical terms, it creates a gap between what a project produces and what the business wants.

My focus is on aligning expectations at the start by framing project deliverables into business outcomes. When you have the process in place to do this at the beginning, all the activities needed to succeed are identified and built into your change activity plan.

The driving force behind any project should be the value you want to achieve, Nathan says. Cost is important – we can’t survive without managing cost – but making value delivery transparent and tied to project deliverables is the surest path to optimizing benefits realization.

Organizations and the people who run them need to approach projects differently, and to ensure that value delivery is measurable and has an owner.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. A working IT project governance is a must.

Make sure to attend the event, so you and your organization can get the know-how of getting the right value and measure it.

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Nathan Kunkel has spend most of his professional life working with IT admin, numbers, and the finance of IT. He is a certified trainer in the TOP Value Equation, a value chain delivery tool and set of repeatable processes that helps organizations put value first.

Working at ChangePlan Nathan provides organizations and 3rd party alliances with training courses, seminars and consultancy to create value, positive outcomes, and to facilitate personal development.

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